Do You Always Know if Your Seekers Are Ready? Discernment Criteria in the New Translation

Webinar Recording
Diana Macalintal and Nick Wagner

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Discernment in the catechumenate process is all about discovering what is in the seeker’s heart. We are not gatekeepers, granting or denying access to the holy. We are accompanists, walking with each seeker on the journey of faith, helping each one listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Discernment itself is not that difficult. The skills needed and criteria required can be learned with a little practice. What is difficult is the decision to do it. What if we uncover something in the seeker that indicates they are not yet ready for the next step? What if they go away disappointed because the journey is harder than they expected? What if we make a mistake?

Format Online Video
SKU 08-083NDrec
ISBN 08-083NDrec
Publisher TeamRCIA
Publication Year 2022
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